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CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser


 believes in serving the outcome, which is why he spent the past 6 years building Australia’s largest property platform, designed to make getting into the property market easier for everyone. Using his specialised no or low deposit system, as well as investment through Super and equity, Darren has been able to help thousands of clients get into the property market and their own dream home, then shown them how to build a property portfolio using equity or through a self-managed super fund.

Years of
Serving others

Father First. CEO Second.

My kids are my rise and grinds and the inspiration behind everything I do—they are the reason I am the person, man, and father I am today—so I know how important it is to secure your kids’ future. My passion to help as many clients as I can to own their own home, pushes me to work harder and ensures I provide the best outcome to every client, every time.

I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser


I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser
One of the most prominent no or low deposit companies in Australia. I’m passionate about getting everyday Australians into the property market and achieving their homeownership dreams.
Check out our 5 STAR reviews:
I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser
As Co-Owner and Director, I consider it my duty to provide finance solutions to as many people as I can. Whether it’s a new home, a used car or simply a well-deserved holiday.
Check out our 5 STAR reviews:
I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser

I set up the Walter’s Property Fund because I wanted to provide my clients with a consistent investment growth return option that I knew they could rely on.

Serving others is the backbone of everything I do. I created Australia’s largest no or low deposit property system with the belief that I needed to serve the best outcome possible and provide everyone the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Our 5 STAR reviews on Google and Facebook show we don’t just sell the dream; we serve and deliver it hundreds of times every year.


Helping everyone realise their homeownership and financial dreams

"These guys really are No.1!!! Today was settlement day for us and we are super excited! Massive thank you to Darren and his team Adam, Caleb and Clay - We couldn’t have done it without you! We have achieved our goal of a forever home so much sooner than we thought possible!  THANK YOU!!!! "

Rita Hughes
Facebook Review
15 February 2021

"We could've been more grateful to the No1 Property Guide team esp to Darren, Clay and Peter. Buying our first home can be a tedious process but the team made the home owning experience easy for us.They were very diligent and prompt with emails and answering our questions. We honestly could not have done this without their help. Thank you so much, guys!"

Melissa Saldua
Facebook Review
4 December 2020

"Can’t thank Darren and team enough for what they have done for us. From the very start they have been so helpful. Land has settled and now waiting for the next stage which is building. Myself and my husband mick are so thankful and excited to move into our new home"

Rebecca Farrelly
Facebook Review
22 November 2020


Outside of business life, my kids are my world and my biggest motivation to push harder in life. I love keeping fit and being outdoors, some of my favourite activities include wakesurfing, snowboarding, surfing, and paddle boarding. In the evening I like to kick back and relax with good food and drinks with my friends and family.

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I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser

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Ensuring every Aussie can achieve their financial dreams is a passion of mine. Which is one of the reasons why I partnered with Ryan to create Loantec. I’ve held a passion for delivering 5-star service to every client of mine for years, and Loantec allows ...
I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser

Benefits of Property Investing

Why Property Investment is a Great Way to Secure Your Future When it comes to investment opportunities to secure your financial future, I don’t think anything can compare to investing in property. And with property values doubling every 10-15 years, you can see why I think ...
I am Darren Walters | CEO | Founder | Freedom Chaser

Turning Dreams into Reality

Turning Dreams into Reality with No or Low Deposit New HomesProperty prices are constantly on the rise, so there’s no better time than now to invest in property. But many potential homeowners struggle to save the increasingly large sums needed to front a 20% deposit. ...

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My role is to simply provide you with all your factual new home and property investment options, which will allow you to make an informed decision on what is best for you and your family. My pre-qualification assessment is free, and will calculate how much you can borrow and what lending policy fits you best. Contact me to begin your homeownership journey and start heading towards your future today.

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